All right, Mom, I’m Ready For My Close-Up!

The macro setting for close-ups -- of children and people -- is an under-utilized feature in most cameras.

Photography Tips for Parents
This is for all those who want to get more unique shots of their children, friends, and family! These few tips are just the beginning but are enough to get started.

Memory Cards
Consider using a smaller memory card such as the 4GB rather than the 8GB or the 16GB cards. This is simply because the larger the memory card, the longer it takes the camera to sift through all the data and be ready for your next shot if you turn it off between shots. This can be irritating if you want to shap a shot quickly before missing out on that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Continuous Shots Setting
Make sure to set your camera to automatically have this feature ready. With this capability, you will be able to hold down your finger and take as many consecutive shots as it takes to get you the perfect shot. If your camera does not have this feature, upgrade. Immediately. Oh, wait. Christmas is coming!

Film is Cheap
This brings us to the next point: film is cheap. Use as much “film” as necessary to get the shot. The shot. Once you have the shot, then your film becomes priceless. Besides, you can always delete the crappy shots to make more room. But then, ask yourself if you are really going to spend hours doing just that.

Go for the Close-Up
This, by far, is the most under-utilized option in photography when it comes to children. Be adventurous and use the macro (close-up) setting on your camera. It along with the continuous function and you will have yourself an invaluable shot in no time. That is, if baby feels like being photographed.

Avoid the Flash Setting
This is one of the biggest secrets in photography! Using the flash is almost always unnecessary, and it is unflattering. Just so you know, indirect daylight is probably the best lighting source out there.

However, if you must use the flash setting, opt for either the fill-in flash or the background fill functions. You’ll be amazed at the difference! These settings give a softer and more flattering appearance to your subjects.

Practice, Practice, Practice
If you are unsure, go ahead and try out everything you’ve just read! Try different angles, try close-ups with continuous shots, and try photographing people using different flash settings — if you must do so at all. Just go out and shoot, shoot, shoot!

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