Diaper Wipes: Cheap, Fast, and Natural

Hey, aren’t you tired of running out of wipes and wondering what to do next? Or, do you want an alternative to “natural” diaper wipes with ingredients you recognize and can pronounce? Well, Pump Mama did.

(Pictures will be posted soon. Just wanted to get this information out to you as soon as I could!)

1 half-used select-a-size roll of paper towels
1 sharp knife
1 cutting board
1 pair of long scissors
1 large bowl to accommodate 3 cups of warm water
1 handheld or electric mixer
1 clear container big enough to hold diaper wipes
1 teaspoon of natural liquid soap
2 teaspoons of olive oil
1 teaspoon of vinegar (optional)
1/2 to 1 teaspoon of essential oil — that baby is not offended by

1. Cut the half-used roll of paper towel exactly in half.

2. Use scissors to cut inside cardboard so it can be removed. Upon removal, the inside  paper towels will unravel. This is what you want it to do, as this is the start of the feeder wipe.

3. Add all the ingredients to the bowl.

4. Using the mixer, get the olive oil as emulsified as possible.

5. Quickly add one mini-roll of towels and rotate to completely  immerse all the towels in the solution. Gently squeeze, leaving some liquid in the towels.

6. Put the immersed and squeezed-out roll into a plastic freezer bag marked, “Diaper Wipes.” Then put it in the freezer.

7. Take the second mini-roll of paper towels and repeat steps 4 and 5.

8. Put the roll into your diaper wipe container. Voila! Presto! Diaper-Wipe-O!

1. If you use a full-size roll of towels, it may not be used up in time to beat the mold that will set in after time. That is what the vinegar helps to delay. Some folks use distilled water. NYC kitchens do not offer that much real estate!
2. Consider setting the diaper wipe container in a window now and then to deter mold from growing. These are preservative-free wipes, people!
3. By putting the second roll in the freezer, you save time and effort. When the first roll is almost out, take out the frozen roll to thaw. If you use a microwave, make sure to put the wipes onto a plate or in a bowl to avoid heating up the toxins in the plastic bag.
4. To tote diaper wipes with you, put them in your favorite container or bag. They also make great wipes for hands before eating a snack away from home.

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