Hair Conditioner on the Fly: Vinegar!

Have you ever noticed that most “health care” products have ingredients with words that people don’t really use in everyday language? Hair conditioner is one such item. It’s great for smooth legs after shaving, don’t get Pump Mama wrong! But, how healthy can it be with all those chemicals?

Pump Mama did a vinegar rinse test with a shampoo that everyone talks about as being great and with a cheapo “clarifying” brand that leaves most hair frizzy and out of control without any hair conditioner.


The white vinegar works really well. Try it for yourself just to know that you have a substitute in case you run out of regular conditioner.

1. Pour 1/4 cup of vinegar into a container and take it with you into the shower.

2. Wash your hair as desired.

3. Dip your hair ends into the container of vinegar first. Then gently pour the vinegar all over your hair. If you have short hair, just pour all over!

4. Let the vinegar sit in your hair until you are ready to get out. Rinse your hair briefly.

5. Style as usual.

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