Pumping Exclusively is Possible! Part One

To pump exclusively and successfully is to buy whatever is necessary to keep the stress of it all at bay. Once Pump Mama figured out that she didn’t have to limit herself to just one set of anything pump-related, things got easier! BTW, this is where those 20%-off+ coupons come in handy…

(Pictures coming soon.)

Ideally, you’ll have at least this many of each item!
2 high-grade, electric double-pumps
4 sets of flanges — the horn-looking things
4 sets of valves
4 sets of hoses/lines
6 sets of membranes
Tons of glass bottles and nipples and caps
Tons of milk storage bags
1 separate dish rack for pumping tools only
1 separate bottle brush and sponge for washing only pumping tools
1 multi-drawer container to store all of the accessories

1 nice carrying bag
1 of the pumps from above, the adapter and/or batteries
2 sets of the flanges, lines, valves, and membranes
2 bottles with caps
1 ice pack – if there is no fridge
1 small tray
4-5 paper towels in a plastic bag
1 notepad and pen
1-2 hair scrunchies
1 pump cover — look for it in the PM Shop soon
2 sets of batteries

Dedicated section in the fridge for all the milk that isn’t frozen.
Keep everything else from the main list at home. You will need it all. Trust Pump Mama.

It seems like a lot, and it is if you know you are in it for the long haul. So, buy and acquire as you go along. Pump Mama bought and received several pumps which were used. Media and the companies tell you that this is terrible and unsanitary and that warranties are void if people go this route. The exposed parts are the lines/hoses, valves, membranes, and flanges. All of these parts can be ordered new, and they have to be sterilized anyway. Occasionally the tops of the pumps get dirty, and you would wash those as well jsut as a matter of course.

(Remember, these tips are based on Pump Mama’s personal experience and observations. Make sure to seek out the appropriate certified assistance for further help regarding your own situation as these tips are no substitute for professional aid.)

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