Save Money By Learning to Do The Things That Cost The Most Over Time

To be able to buy the things you want, the money has to come from somewhere, right? For Pump Mama, this means that buying a gorgeous pair of shoes is possible only because she does things at a lower cost, usually at home.

There are four things most people spend thousands on — over time: watch battery replacement, haircuts, cars, and manicures — men get them, too!

Once Pump Mama realized this fact of life, she also realized she spends way too much on watch battery replacement, haircuts — for the men in her immediate family — and manicures. The solution? Research, education, and practice.

Simple Watch Repair
It pained Pump Mama to know she was getting robbed every time she went into the shop for a watch battery replacement. It can cost $7 to $15 for the modest, middle-of-the-road battery change and even more for watches that require their own insurance policy.


Pump Mama went out and got the tools to replace watch batteries and wrist bands. She also ordered watch batteries in bulk. With her first few replacements — watch batteries and wristbands, she has already broken even.

This is going to sound obnoxious — and offensive — to you hair stylists out there: Pump Mama got tired of having her husband come home with crappy hair cuts. She also knew she was going to be the at-home hair stylist for her child. Thus, she decided she needed to know how to cut hair — and quickly!


Pump Mama went to the library and took out the DVDs and books — yes, they exist — on how to cut hair. She went out and bought a quality pair of hair scissors, too. Luckily, Pump Mama’s husband was a good sport and agreed to sit down for his first home-haircut…that was almost two years ago! PM is happy to report that her child’s hair does not look like a bowl haircut!

Car Repair
If you take your car to get it serviced for everything, you are spending too much! Pump Mama agrees that for folks who live without a garage or a driveway, getting a $25 oil change is worth it.

However, you will save money over time by going to the auto supply store, buying the basic maintenance items, and then installing them yourself. DIY items include: headlights, turn signal lights, fuses, fuel filters, air filters, wiper blades, and the basic liquids such as engine oil, transmission, power, brake, and wiper fluids. Pump Mama is sure she’s forgetting something, but you get the idea.

The only thing you need to help yourself complete these simple tasks is the owner’s manual. Have you even read it? It’s actually a really interesting read. You can learn about features you may not even know your car offers. Imagine that!

The plus to having extra lights on hand is in the event that you are pulled over for a burned out bulb. You can tell the officer you will do it right away and ask if he/she will wait while you do it before getting back onto the road!

Finally, for most women who get their nails done, this expense adds up over time — not to mention the time factor in going to the nail salon. What a waste! Pump Mama agrees that going to the nail salon occasionally is a nice way to be pampered. However, this is not always an option for women who have children and no little or no help. PM cannot speak for men, but recommends the same overall advice below.

Pump Mama knew she was okay when it came to doing her nails, but she also knew she was missing out on some kind of technique that would make it faster and better-looking. Just what that was, she didn’t know. Thus, doing her nails was a timely task. Desired, but too time-consuming once she became a mom.


The solution is twofold: First, Pump Mama went to her trusted nail salon and asked for a private lesson on how to do the perfect manicure. The result? A-MAY-ZING! Now, PM can do her nails in 75% less time than before. Second, Pump Mama also got her hands on a professional nail dryer for next to nothing because she asked around before paying full price for one, allowing her to dry her nails at home.

What does that mean for you? If you do not know how to do any of these things, get the knowledge and tools needed and begin to do them yourself. You will save money and more importantly, time.


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