Microwave Popcorn the Pump Mama Way (Cost-Effective and Healthy)

All the tools you need for tasty, chemical-free popcorn -- anywhere!

Stop paying too much for those chemical-laden packs of microwave popcorn! You can have tasty, fresh popcorn — in the right portion size – in just moments!

Here is all you need:

1 paper lunch bag
1 strip of tape the length of the bag opening
3 Tablespoons of popcorn
1 medium bowl
About 1:15 minutes on high in the microwave – test this time because your microwave may have more/less power

For Flavoring:

Savory: salt water solution in a spray bottle
Sweet: sugar/honey/maple syrup water solution in a spray bottle
** Feel free to mix up your own flavored solution and add other spices and herbs. The possibilities are endless! Yum!

1. Put three tablespoons of the popcorn into the bag.
2. Then fold over the bag’s opening and tape it closed.

Tape the opening closed after inserting popcorn. Then turn it over once in the microwave.

3. Place it flaps-side down into the microwave.
4. Set the time and wait for the popping to stop.
5. Immediately take out the popcorn bag and empty contents into your bowl of choice. 6. Eat and enjoy.
7. If flavor is desired, quickly spray on your flavoring solution so that it sticks to the popcorn before it cools down.Otherwise, you will end up with soggy kernels!

The cool thing about this type of microwave popcorn is that your hands won’t be as grubby or have as much — if any — chemical residues on them. You know, if that sort of thing matters to you:).

The perfect portion of popcorn made in fewer than 3 minutes!

If you’ve created a fantastic flavored solution, please share it by leaving a comment.

Happy Popping, everyone!

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