Cleaning Pots ‘n’ Pans the Easy, Inexpensive, and Eco-Friendly Way

For less than a dollar and even less in elbow grease, you can clean your grimy, hard-to-wash cookware without harming the planet. Two words: Baking soda. Read on to find out just how to work its magic — to save yourself stress and time in the kitchen.

This tip will help you spend more energy on things you’d rather be doing as well as help you to love cooking more knowing that you’ll be able to tackle any messy dish you decide to prepare!

Here is all you need:

Thick apron
Extremely crusted or burned or grimy pan
Baking soda, 1 – 2 tsp
Boiling water, 1 – 2 cups
Spatula, like the ones used for flipping burgers or pancakes
Scrubbing sponge and/or wire brush
Dish soap
Minutes, 5 – 10
Vinegar-water solution of a ratio of 1 Tbsp: 1 Cup


1. Once you decide to tackle that goodness-awful pot or pan – whether it’s one  minute after making that kettle corn or two days after preparing that fried chicken – gather the above listed items and put on your apron.

2. Put the poor pot/pan on the stove and set the heat to medium.

3. Quickly add the water so the cookware doesn’t become worse with the added heat.

4. Add the baking soda….Drum roll, please: This is when the magic begins!

5. Bring the mixture to a small boil. Bringing the solution to an impending boil is fine, too. Here’s the golden baking soda rule: The tougher the stain, the bigger the boil.

6. As you stand watch near your beloved pot and after a few minutes, take your spatula – one that won’t scratch the cookware – and gently scrape the bottom of the pan. Those crusty bits should come right up. You are moving the spatula gently and slowly to avoid splashing really hot water and possible burns.

7. Once you have removed most of the grime and gunk, turn off the heat and dump the water down the drain.

8. You will see that the pot or pan has a thin, white film coated all over. This is normal. Rinse the pan in lukewarm water.

9. Cool down the pan to the point that you can comfortably wash it.

10. Take your scrubbing sponge, add dish soap, and wash as you normally would.

11. Your pot or pan should glisten under your kitchen’s light!

12. If it’s not quite done, repeat the above-listed steps until it is.

To cut the slimy feel, pour the vinegar solution on your hands and pot. Ah, vinegar…that’s a whole other post for another time!

Please consider using this method of cleaning your cookware instead of using harsh chemicals found on grocery store shelves everywhere. Not only will you save money and space with a box of baking soda that costs less than one dollar, but you’ll also help the environment by using a natural substance.

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