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What’s in your shake mix?

The goal of this article is to share with you how to make your own shake mix. Yes, that’s right. Shake mix. Didn’t know you had a choice?  Well, you do. Didn’t really care or think much about it? Hopefully, this tip will create a whole new way of thinking for you about how to control what you put into your body.

After becoming frustrated with shake mixes on the market that have either protein or either fiber but with artificial sweeteners and fillers and things that are really hard to pronounce, a light bulb went off… “EUREKA!” The idea of making custom shake mix and then actually doing it became really fun! So, now you get the benefits.

By the way, here is the mandatory disclaimer before going forward: Please consult with your healthcare professional to confirm whether this is something that is right for you to try.

Most Shake Mixes
Most shake mix has some sort of protein source, a sweetener, some vitamins, and then – here comes the fun part – fillers, thickeners, additives, and preservatives. Can you really say with a straight face the words “sodium molybdate” and “choline bitartrate” and “ferrous fumarate”? Do you even know what they mean?

How many times have you had to pick yet another canister off the shelf because the ones before it tasted really odd? That’s probably because of the artificial flavoring… Ick. And unfortunately, most shake mixes usually do not have adequate amounts of fiber. Chances are, you want your shake mix to replace a meal. Without enough fiber, those calories are a waste, folks.

Customize Your Shake Mix
The first thing you need to do is figure out what the shake’s objective is for your body. For example, is it weight-loss – fiber comes in really handy here – or is it for extra protein? Once you know the goal, you can start collecting the ingredients for your shake mix.

Flavor extracts from a reputable store are recommended over powders such as cocoa. This is because if you use a hand shaker, you won’t run into problems dissolving cocoa powder. You only need a drop or two as extracts go a long way. Vanilla extract and cinnamon powder are classics that enhance most shakes.

Decide which protein you would like to use. If eggs, you can get powdered eggs. If you want to use brown rice, then most health food stores carry brown rice powder. Soy, whey, and other proteins are everywhere. Heck, even one raw egg – just know there are bacteria that could make you sick – is a great source.

You can up your fiber intake by adding psyillium husks or inulin. Both are reasonably priced. With the psyillium, you will need to drink a lot of water right after taking it. Inulin can be found in the refrigerated section of your health food store. Inulin does not seem to require as much water, but check with your health care professional to be sure. Some fiber sources cause cramping in the beginning, so pay attention to which works best for your body.

Healthy Fats
Most mixes seem to be low in fat, but healthy fats are going to keep you sated longer, especially if you are using your shake mix as a meal replacer. So, consider adding either a teaspoon of olive oil or ¼ of an avocado — or even some type of nut butter.

Depending on your vitamin intake, you can supplement your shake with whichever vitamins you prefer just by opening up the gelcaps and adding the vitamin powder.

If you prefer Stevia or honey, the choice is yours. So often, shelf shake mixes use sweeteners that end in “-litol” or “-ose,” and by adding your own you get to decide what you want your body to ingest, if any sweeteners at all.

Pump Mama’s Basic Shake Recipe
The following is a basic recipe that can be dressed up or dressed down. Take it, try it, and make it your own!

1 Cup                  Unsweetened Almond Milk (Blue Diamond)
1 Tablespoon     Brown Rice Protein
2 teaspoons       Inulin
1 teaspoon         Olive Oil
1 gel capsule      Multi-Vitamin, good quality
½ teaspoon        Vanilla Extract
2 shakes             Cinnamon powder, from spice bottle

1 tsp                     Honey  OR
1/16th tsp             Stevia OR
1 Tbls                   Maple Syrup OR
NOTHING — seriously!

1 /4                        Avocado – makes it creamy, too
1 Cup                     Ice
1 Large                  Banana – then omit the sweetener OR
1 Cup                     Any fruit
If you are using only the dry ingredients and a liquid, a hand shaker (bottle and top) is all that is needed. If you are using any fruit or ice or other solid item, then using a blender is best.

— If you plan on doing this every morning, then make several batches of the dry ingredients, and use little sauce cups or bags to have them ready each day.
— It’s silly, but what makes this shake really delicious is using a recycled iced coffee container and straw from your favorite coffee shop.

While creating your own shake mix is easy, you may have some trial and error with proportions and flavors. This is a normal step in the process. So, shake it up and share your findings in the comments section!

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