Toes Looking Ragged? Quickie Pedicure Fix to the Rescue!

BEFORE the easy fix! Click on the photo for a better look!

If you are like most of us and occasionally find yourself in dire need of a manicure — or pedicure — but with little time, then you’ll love this easy fix.


Drum roll, please….


That’s it.


AFTER applying a dash of oil! Click on the photo for a better look!

Oil is all you need to give your toes some pep until you can get your pedicure – or manicure!

If you do not own a bottle of nail oil, which is filled with chemicals anyway, just use natural oil you may have on hand in the kitchen. And, if you do have nail oil, consider refilling the bottle with natural oil when you’ve used up the first batch.

See? Wasn’t that easy?!

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