A Temporary, Quick Fix for Plantar Fasciitis**!

Go. Go now to try on these shoes!

Go. Go now to try on these shoes! Photo courtesy of Birkenstock.com.

For whichever reason you may find yourself with a case of plantar fasciitis – too many runs without support or sudden activity too quickly, for example – consider this one amazing alternative to cortisone shots and/or that dastardly night contraption …Ready? Drum roll, please….

One word: Birkenstock.

Yes! These funky shoes have come a long way from being associated with only the crunchy set to making themselves part of today’s fashion scene – ladies, think Gizeh, the current cute model. Silver, gold, black, and fuschia? Really! Men, there are styles for you, too.

Other brands which are actually Birkenstock include: Footprints, the line of closed-toed shoes; Papillio, sandals with pattern prints instead of solid colors; and Betula, Birkenstock’s line of flip flops – who knew?! These shoe lines may differ, but they all have one thing in common: the foot-bed is the same! The company also offers insoles, which haven’t been tried here just yet. But all you need to know is that Birki feet are happy feet, indeed!

Go. Go now to your nearest shoe shop. Try on a pair. You won’t regret it!

Now, go one step further and buy a small, hard, porcupine-y ball called a Foot Rubz**. It works wonders in moments, and is small enough to take on any travel trip. Follow the directions on the package, and roll your heels to comfort in minutes! It works really well in conjunction with an ice compress.

**Please understand that Foot Rubz and Birks, or Birkis, and ice compresses are not a long-term substitute for physical therapy and the complete treatment of plantar fasciitis. Make sure to check with your medical professional to be sure this is right for you.

This is not a paid advertisement! It’s just an honest-to-goodness, life-saving tip for those of you also living with foot pain!



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