The Holidays Are Coming – So, Too, the Relatives and Potential Clogs

This $3 tool is effective on clogs and eco-friendlier!

This $3 tool is effective on clogs and eco-friendlier than chemical cleaners!

This offering may seem random, but oh so helpful in a pinch. Ever notice how your slow-draining sink suddenly becomes a full-on clog once you have company? It could happen…

Thus, instead of using drainer cleaner or the old baking-soda-vinegar-and-hot-water trick that doesn’t always cut through the hair blobs and grime, consider buying this $3 piece of plastic called the Zip-It.

The Zip-It, when used properly, unclogs a drain in seconds! It is amazing how such an affordable item pulled out a lump of yuckies with little effort — and without harming the environment. Yes, the plastic itself is not so hot, but with care it can last for quite a long time, and with today’s recycling movement it might be turned into a fleece pullover or shopping bag!

At last, an eco-friendlier product to clear up the clogs for all. It’s worth a try, so pick one up at your local hardware store when you get a chance.

*This is not a paid advertisement. But, it probably should be!

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