Martha Says…: Tips for Entrepreneurs

Martha Stewart as guest speaker at The Delacourte Lecture at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism on May 8, 2014

Martha Stewart is the guest speaker at The Delacorte Lecture at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism on May 8, 2014.

If a chance to attend a conversation-style lecture* with Martha Stewart came up, would you be able to refuse? Given the nature of Pump, Ms. Stewart’s open advice about being an entrepreneur is now being shared with you.


 “Having good ideas is not enough,” she says. “It’s making those ideas happen and work.” It’s challenging, but that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about.

“You do have to say no to certain things,” she says. It’s important to prioritize, and to know what works.

“Find like-minded people to be around, to help,” she says.  “Know when to expend energies and when not to.”

“Have no hard feelings,” she says. Sometimes, “with opposition, you just have to go with it.”

“You can take yourself seriously or have a sense a humor about it!” she says. Know when to be serious and when to relax.

Martha told Pump Mama exclusively that her company has a pumping room for breast-feeding mothers! Isn’t that great? If your workplace does not offer a clean, private place to pump, it is your right to ask for one. Well, your bosses wouldn’t prepare their meals in the bathroom or a janitorial closet, would they?!

In other news, Martha said that during her down time she likes to work in her greenhouses, feed her animals, and walk her dogs. She also said that she taught herself to cook with Volume I of Julia Child’s cookbooks, preparing every recipe long before the movie Julie & Julia (2009) was released.

And, while discussing her magazine Weddings, Martha said that fewer people are getting married these days. Thus, she offered this light advice regarding preparing for a wedding: “Those of you who haven’t done it, do it at least once – it’s so much fun!”

As if winning a James Beard Award for her PBS cooking shows wasn’t enough for this year, Martha says two things are next up: a future offering to the world involving cappuccino and an autobiography, detailing the more exciting moments of her full life.

*This is just one of several Delacorte Lectures, all held during the spring at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, and moderated by Victor Navasky, the George T. Delacorte Professor in Magazine Journalism and the director of the Delacorte Center.

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