Pump Mama’s Magic is Coming to You SOON! – Or at Least Your Car Stero….


Pump Mama’s new parenting tool — in the form of a music CD — is coming to your stereo SOON! (Release date is set for September 15th.) Pre-orders are available NOW!


Set for release in September, PM’s Tunes for Transitions: Simple Songs to Soothe Toddlers – for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers, will be available to help you with your little ones very soon. Folks can pre-order their copy today. Just click here!

This wonderful behavior management tool for parents and others who work closely with young children provides yet another creative way to direct little ones where we want them to go without losing your cool.

There are nine main tracks with piano and vocals, and each song has two learning tracks to help folks use them quickly! (Workshops and a book of sheet music will also soon be available. Just contact the PM hotline to set up a session for your group.)

Simple Songs to Soothe Toddlers Track List
1. Time to Get Up
2. Where Are We Going?
3. Cranky Walk
4. Got to Sit
5. We’re On Our Way
6. Cross the Street
7. I Don’t Know (Wait and See)
8. Two Bites Rule
9. Shower Time

Stay tuned for the mp3 of PM’s first single, We’re On Our Way…..

For more details, click here to read the press release: PumpMamaCDPressRelease


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