Could It Just Be You? Going Easy on the Beauty Professionals

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Could it just be you? Give a new look time to sink in!

Has this ever happened to you?

You make an appointment for a new hair style or a reshaping of the eyebrows, and while at the salon, you are handed the mirror. You see the result and are not entirely happy. Then, you get home and take another look in your  mirror to confirm that you hate it or to look for the nuances where there could possibly be mistakes to justify your growing frustration. Or, at best you question the service person’s judgment.

But here’s the thing: Could it just be you?

Could it just be that perhaps that beauty professional really did enhance your looks with every ounce of talent in his/her fingertips but that you are just too used to seeing yourself one way?

Could it just be that maybe you aren’t as ready for the difference as you thought you would be?

Or, could it just be that perhaps the change – subtle or drastic — is overwhelming for you because it is more sophisticated or more stylish than you imagined yourself able to become?

So, next time you get home and begin to formulate the longest rant ever to throw at that beauty professional, give yourself a few days – and many selfies at different angles and lighting – to let it sink in that you just might have a fantastic new look.

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