It’s Finally Available! Pump Mama’s All-Natural Deodorant (that really works!)


leez all-natural deo really works! Click on the photo to order now.

(Pump Mama’s CD, Simple Songs to Soothe Toddlers — for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers comes out on September 15th. Click here for the details and pre-orders!)

It’s here, folks! Pump Mama’s answer to all of those other options on the market that are either filled with chemicals, or that burn the skin,  or that do not really work: leez all-natural deo.

Made with mostly simple ingredients found in the average kitchen, leez all-natural deo goes on with a couple of swipes and lasts all day — or in PM’s case, an entire day filled with marathon activities!

As with all of PM’s skin care products, leez all-natural deo is made with love in nyc.

For more information about leez all-natural deo, please visit our skin care page by clicking here.


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