It’s Summer: PM’s Fastest and Easiest Way to Shave Those Legs!


[Warning: Graphic descriptions may lie ahead…]

So if you’re like most of us, you’re also fighting the grizzlies every single day to stay silky smooth. But what about those days when a full shower is nowhere near the horizon?

Well! The secret to this quicko-tip is….drum roll, please….LOTION!

You’ve probably tried the shaving-cream-on-the-leg-and-hunched-over-the-sink thing — or even hair conditioner, which some ladies swear by. And yes, hair conditioner is fine if you’re willing to hunch over the bathtub edge to then fully rinse it off.

With lotion, all you have to do is hike up your skirt or dress and lift your forest-y legs (one at a time) on the toilet seat, apply generously, shave, rub in the excess, and walk out the door!

Before you get all excited and grab your lotion and razor, though, let’s go over the most efficient way to shave your legs, shall we?

Pump Mama’s Shaving With Lotion Method
1. Using only your non-dominant hand*, apply your favorite lotion liberally to one leg. (*This is key to the entire process!)
2. With some water, either in a small bowl or contained in the sink, use your dominant hand to dip your razor into the water before starting your shaving route. Dip as needed until done.
3. Rub excess lotion into your leg.
4. Repeat on your other leg.
5. Once both legs are done, you are ready to go!

“Razor burn?” you ask. Well, that’s the beauty of this method: there is no razor burn — as long as the lotion is applied liberally.

Enjoy Summer, Ladies!

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