DIY Tattoos!

After spending time online trying to find reasonable prices on temporary tattoo paper to no avail, I decided to search for some tattoo hacks for quickie tattoos…

I’m so excited to share this method with you that I’m not even going to take extra time and re-photograph the tattooed arm (with my beloved yellow BazzuBazzu creature) you are about to see….



  1. Pick an image or logo you want to use. Be sure any texted images are flipped so that they are backwards after printing.
  2. Line up your images/logos and copy/paste as many as you want to use right away. (This is a here-and-now gig because the ink should still be wet when applied to the skin.)
  3. Neatly and smoothly cover one side of a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper with shiny tape such as cello tape or the wider, packing tape we all have around the house.
  4. Make sure there are no gaps or bumps. A good way to avoid this is to measure the width of your tape, and make sure that your tattoos fit within that dimension. I used wide packing tape for the tattoo pictured above.
  5. Using an inkjet printer, print your tattoo-images onto the tape-side of your paper. Only print one page at a time if you are making a lot for a party.
  6. Cut around your image once printed.
  7. Prepare the skin so it is clean and lotion-free.
  8. Smoothly and in one quick motion apply the tattoo parallel to the skin. Rub firmly in one direction so that the ink can be absorbed without smudging. (Let it dry for several minutes before doing anything. Otherwise, the ink may rub off if it makes contact with anything.)
  9. Viola!

Oh the possibilities! What tattoos will you make?

1). I was able to apply the tattoo after I let it sit for a couple of hours; the ink hadn’t dried yet.
2). Rubbing alcohol removes tattoos fairly quickly.
3). Without applying hairspray to the skin, the tattoos I applied wore off after a day or two.



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