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Hi! My name is Lee, and I’m just like you: I have soooo many random ideas about resourceful living and parenting—and useful products. And, I want to share with the world.

Because life is short, I decided I would put it all out there — instead of keeping everything in my head or in a journal — and see just what sticks. Hence, PractiMama. I am based in Manhattan, New York City.

Why I Started Out as “Pump Mama”
I chose the name “Pump Mama”  mainly because I wanted this site to be a way to share the little known fact that pumping exclusively (in my case for more than two years) is not only possible but definitely doable. No, pumping is not fun, but it is worth it: My son had only one cold and only one fever during the first two years of life.

My son was born four weeks premature, and since the latchin’ thing didn’t go down too well, AND since the nurses told me to go home and start pumping right away while my newborn was in the NICU for a couple of days, pumping became part of my life. Believe me, I had the pediatricians and lactation consultants in and plenty of latching practice for a lengthy period of time, all to no avail. So, when those zealots tell you that “straight from the breast is best” and the only way to go, you’ll know better.

I knew I wanted to give my son breast-milk for the first year of life, but man, was the pumping thing a drag. I changed my initial goal to six months. But, I reached that goal and kept going. Then, after I found out the hard way that he was severely allergic to cow’s milk at the age of 1 year, I made the decision to commit to pumping for another year because of all the research regarding essential fats and brain development. And yes, I find the dairy allergy ironic considering breast-milk is supposed to help build an immune system stronger than Fort Knox…

Anyway, did I mention that I went to work, took airplane rides across oceans, and participated in all-day sporting events and still managed to pump? Pumping long-term and anywhere is possible!

After I created a pump cover to meet the needs of the modest pumper — not breastfeeder — I got to thinking that I could share all that I’ve learned firsthand. This theory translated into other things that are now offered in the Shop as well as all the life tips I encounter that are and will be listed on the Blog.

Know this: it is possible to pump exclusively — for as long as you think you cannot 🙂

tips for resourceful living + parenting
The posts you will find here stem from things I’ve learned which make life easier, less expensive, more efficient, or just plain fun! Feel free to sign up to receive my posts as they hit the cyber waves. I do not wish to blog several times a day — or even every week. You’ll get information from me as things come across my path, usually about once a month.

products/events from pump mama
The products offered are all of my own creation, filling voids on the market. Please check out the “Products” section of this site to find more details about PM pumping covers, books, CDs, coaching, skin care, and events.

contacting practimama / pump mama
Feel free to e-mail me at lee (at) practimama.com. You can also call the PractiMama Hotline at (212) 655-9840. The mailing address is: PractiMama, LLC, P.O. Box 250570, New York, NY 10025.

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