So you’ve made it to PractiMama! Here, you’ll find information and tips on life. You’ll also find practical products created by PM as they are ready for the shelf.

practical tips for resourceful living
If you want tips on living simply but fully, head over to the Blog.

skin care line
If you wish to buy more of PM’s skin care line — leez lip bloss, leez heel balm, leez nip stick, leez all-purpose — head over to the Shop.

book for first-time moms-to-be
If you want to pre-order this informative book, 40+ Other Tips for First-Time Mothers-to-Be: Things They Won’t Tell You Anywhere — in Relative Order of Importance, also head over to the Shop.

music cd for parents to help decrease or prevent tantrums
This CD will help any parent decrease or prevent an impending tantrum due to some sort of daily transition. These short little ditties can be learned in moments and sung by anyone. Order your copy of Tunes for Transitions: Songs to Soothe Toddlers at the Shop.

positive directives cd for parents
This CD will help any parent get a better understanding of how to talk to their children without always using the dreaded “No!” Visit the Shop to view more information about Pump Mama’s Positive Directives for Parents.

parent coaching
If you are in need of behavior management coaching to better handle your children, e-mail or call for more information.

If you are mainly interested in information about pumping exclusively, then head over to the Blog and click on the Pumping link. PM’s pump cover and book on pumping exclusively will also soon be available in the Shop.

uehara designs
PractiMama couldn’t stop at useful products and tips, hence Uehara Designs. Under this division, you’ll find custom jewelry in sterling silver and fun originals ranging from — but not limited to — custom journals, greeting cards, and bookmarks. If you would like to explore a custom idea, please e-mail or call when you have time.

For those of you who wish to know more about PractiMama, head over to the About page.

contacting PractiMama/ Pump Mama
Feel free to reach out: lee (at) or call: (212) 655-9840. The mailing address is: Pump Mama, LLC, P.O. Box 250570, New York, NY 10025.

This site is like life: it is a work in progress. This also means that since PractiMama is a reformed Type A, sometimes done is better than perfect. So, come back and click often to see the new additions — or sign up for automatic updates!


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