As a certified school teacher with a graduate teaching degree and experience in the toughest school system in the country and now as a mom, I know what works and what doesn’t when getting children to conduct themselves according to a set of core values. I offer private behavior management sessions to parents who have let things get too far and want to start living peacefully with their children.

For example, parents who do not have well-behaved children are tired for a very different reason. Parents with great behavior management are tired because of all of the fun and work that goes into hanging out with their children everyday. Those other parents you may know are probably tired because they have no control over their children and are exhausted from dealing with the same misbehaviors all day long. In short, I look forward to a vacation with my child while those other parents probably look forward to a vacation from their children. To join those of us on the other side, e-mail or call for more information.

contacting pump mama
Feel free to e-mail me at lee (at) You can also call the PractiMama Hotline at (212) 655-9840. The mailing address is: Pump Mama, LLC, P.O. Box 250570, New York, NY 10025.

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