Here you will find encouragement and tips on pumping, whether it’s occasional or an exclusive gig, pumping is possible! See below to get started.

Breast pumps are deductible as medical expenses. As recently as 2009, a woman had to have a prescription for a breast pump to be able to deduct it as an expense. This is no longer the case, so get a good-quality pump!

Employers are mandated by law to give you a place to pump in privacy. This does not include the bathroom! You would heat up your lunch in the bathroom microwave, would you? So be firm about this hard-fought right.

Get two pumps. Really. Keep one at work so you do not have to haul it around. Buy it, get it from a friend, and/or get a used one if these options work for you. It’s all good.

Electric double pumps are the best. Without getting into horsepower or the size of the engine on these babies, know that if you are going to pump long-term, an electric double pump is the way to go.

You can pump exclusively. Whatever your reason may be, know that this option is not only possible but more than doable. Fun? Not really, but the next best thing to breastfeeding. Remember, PM did it for not one, but two years and change. If she can do it, then anyone can.

Pump kit essentials.
In a bag that is not a pump manufacturer’s tote bag, you will need several things for absolute comfort.

1). A small tray on which to place your pump and bottles. This lies inside of your bag, giving the bag some shape
2). A pumping cover – see Pump Mama’s exclusive covers
3). Ziplock bag labeled “dirty” for the items that need washing after returning home
4). Ziplock bag labeled “paper towels” for flat, folded paper towels
5). Ziplock bag labeled “batteries” for the eight AA batteries that should be on hand at all times
6). A small notebook and reliable pen for recording times and amounts pumped
7). Hair accessories for pulling your hair back if necessary
8). Small bottle of disinfectant for wiping down your pumping area
9). Ziplock containing one set each of clean pump parts for longer days away from home
10). Small bottle of dish soap and dedicated bottle brush for cleaning when traveling

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