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leez lip bloss
 Pump Mama created this lip balm+gloss=bloss to fill a void on the market.

It is a natural lip balm made with organic ingredients that can be applied like a lip gloss! Pump Mama loves make-up but does not like the idea of ingesting lots of harmful chemicals over time. Besides, a good lip gloss will help any woman’s face look made up!
*When applying, make sure to press lightly. With other, waxier balms, hard pressure is required. If pressed too hard, the balm will smoosh into your lips!*

leez heel balm
As for leez heel balm, PM hates the idea of using by-products of gas and oil. PM also dislikes putting on goopy creams and/or wearing socks to bed to contain the grease just to make heels feel softer. Hence, the applicator and the natural-ness of the ingredients of leez heel balm. You can apply it in the morning before you leave, and come back home with softened heels!
*When applying, make sure to press lightly. If pressed too hard, the balm will smoosh into your heels!*

leez nip stick
Pump Mama loves this nipple salve because it is vegan, and no animal products are used. Putting processed sheep’s sweat on PM’s body was not for her. And again, with leez nip stick, there is no wiping thick goop off the hands!

leez all-purpose
PM got the idea for this because her kid is always marking something up, and she’s always getting bike-chain grease on her legs during long rides. PM needed something to address both issues — and be good for being away from home. Thus, it is great for the person — or mom — on the go!

If you are out of the house and run into grease for whatever reason or need to remove crayon/marker marks that your child makes on hard surfaces, this product does the trick in a pinch.

Another fantastic aspect of leez all-purpose — as with all the other skin care items — is that it can act as a temporary moisturizer. PM found herself frequently running out of the house forgetting to apply her moisturizer. But, with leez all-purpose in PM’s bag, she could apply a dab or two on those crows’ feet, cheeks, and laugh lines and no longer feel that tightness from just having showered — and not worry about staining some diner’s table with marker or crayon!
*leez all-purpose must be applied immediately after a marker or crayon mark on hard surfaces only. Older marks may require that other stuff…*

leez natural deo PMdeoPic1
This epitomizes Pump Mama’s vision of skin care products: an all-natural formula that really works! As the label says, “Athlete-Tested, Mom-Approved!” It’s true! Just a regular swiping under each armpit, and one is good to go for a full marathon.

Here is what folks say about leez natural deo:

“I have been wanting to break the commercial deodorant habit for quite some time, but never found an all-natural solution that prevented “the stink”.  I have tried everything from the rock crystalto the more mainstream brands of all-natural deodorants only to be left smelly and uncomfortable. 

Recently, a friend introduced me to Leez and I’m hooked!  Leez has given me peace of mind during those stressful, sweaty moments at work all the way through a hard workout at the gym.
If you are on the fence about all-natural deodorants, I highly recommend giving Leez a try.”

-Karen M., New York, NY

“I was hoping…I could tell you in person how awesome your deodorant is!!! …Already, I can tell that it’s *so* much better than the natural stuff I’ve been trying…Your stuff is fantastic– an underarm revolution!! Sooo excited about getting to phase out regular, unremovable deodorant ASAP:)”
– P.C. New York, NY

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