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This division of Pump Mama LLC produces, manufactures, and distributes musical and parenting education CDs.

Tunes for Transitions: Songs to Soothe Toddlers — for parents, caregivers, and teachers

These simple songs help soothe and calm children at the beginning of an impending tantrum. Tunes for Transitions gives parents another tool for their bag of tricks. And, children love to sing these tunes with you!

The lyrics are simple and repetitive so that anyone — even those who claim they have terrible voices — can sing these songs beautifully!

The PractiMama / Pump Mama method is simple:
1. Listen to the music.
2. Learn a song, one at a time, starting with the most needed one first.
3. Just sing — and soothe little ones right away!

Each of the nine full-version tracks is accompanied by two additional versions: a cappella/voice-only and spoken word. This is to maximize learning in the shortest amount of time so folks can calm their toddlers right away!

Let us reiterate: While this CD is fun and catchy for children, it is ultimately to help parents, caregivers, and teachers effectively manage the behavior of little ones. This CD offers yet another way to peacefully facilitate the desired behavior of small children! This CD is the first of its kind!

Tracks include:
“It’s Time to Get Up!”
“Where Are We Going?”
“Cross the Street”
“Cranky Walk”
“We’re On Our Way”
“I Don’t Know (Wait and See)”
“We Gotta Sit”
“Two Bites Rule”
“Shower Time”

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Schools and other organizations should call the office for bulk orders.

**Sheet music is also available if you prefer to play the guitar or piano without the CD.**

Positive Directives: Managing Behavior Without Saying “Don’t” or “NO!”
This CD is a must-have for all who are responsible for managing the behavior of children!

Everyone who listens to the information given on this CD will learn how to be firm and positive. Explicit directions and examples of what positive directives sound like can and will improve communication with any child. While practice with consistency is the key to any behavior management system, this CD will start caregivers on the right path!

Tracks Include:
“It’s Not ‘O.K.?’ But…”
“How to Replace Those ‘Don’ts'”
“Getting Past the First ‘No!'”
“You Mean My Child Will Wear a Hat?”
“Frustration is a Sign That You Are Doing Something Wrong”

Pre-order your copy today!
Schools and other organizations should call the office for bulk orders.

Feel free to reach out: lee (at) or call: (212) 655-9840. The mailing address is: Pump Mama, LLC, P.O. Box 250570, New York, NY 10025.

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